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Antique Jewellery
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165j2 Vintage Paste Diamond Bracelet,
Vintage Paste Decorative Paste Bracelet. Circa 1960
Our Ref 165

175j2 Antique Gold Muff Chain,
Antique Victorian 9ct Gold Long Muff Chain with Dog Clip Circa 1890
Our Ref 175
Weight 25.8



155j2 Antique Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring,
Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring having a 9ct yellow gold shank, approx having 0.9 carat of small diamonds. Size N Circa 1960
Ref 155

154j2 Antique Amethyst Gold Diamond Bracelet,
Vintage Amethyst & Diamond Bracelet having oval mix cut amethyst inter spaced by pairs of brilliant cut diamonds.
Length 6" 9/16
Ref 154



157j2 Antique Vintage Onyx Gold Bracelet,
Antique Vintage Onyx and Gold Bracelet The bracelet has onyx beads separated by 9ct gold spacers Circa 1960
Length 7"
Our Ref 157

156j2 Antique Gold Gate Bracelet,
Antique Rose Gold Gate Bracelet with hart shaped padlock, 9ct Gold and safety chain. Weight 8.3gms
Our Ref 156



161j2 Antique Vintage Silver Bangle,
Antique Silver Bangle with engraved decoration, with safety chain. Circa 1950
Inside measurement 2 1/4"
Our Ref 161

158j2 Antique Vintage large Smoky Quartz Ring,
Large Vintage Smoky Quartz dress ring has a large stone with decorative 9ct gold setting.
Ring Size L
Our Ref 158



163j2 Antique Vintage Jadeite Bracelet oval panels in various colours
Antique Vintage Jadeite and Gold Bracelet having six oval panels in various colours with flower head links in 9ct gold, Circa 1930
Our Ref 163

162j2 Antique Vintage 9ct Gold Bracelet Amethyst Peridot Stones,
Antique 9ct Gold Narrow Gate Link Bracelet with alternate raised mixed cut Amethyst & Peridot. Circa 1940
Total Weight 11.8gms
Our Ref 162



160j2 Antique Gold Victorian Edwardian Link Bracelet,
Antique Edwardian 9ct Gold Bracelet having decorative links with hart shaped padlock, Circa 1910
Length 7 1/2"
Weight 12.5
Our Ref 160

164j2 Vintage Expandable Bracelet,
Vintage Expandable Paste Bracelet having three rows of stones. Circa 1960
Our Ref 164



149j2 Vintage Emerald Diamond second hand white gold london cambridge norwich
Vintage second hand emerald and diamond ring having a oval emerald surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds Circa 1970
Ring Size M
Ref: 149

181j2 Vintage Garnet Ring, Dress Ring,
Vintage large garnet dress ring
with 9ct gold setting,
Ref 181
Ring Size L



145j2 Antique Edwardian Vintage sapphire diamond ring 18ct yellow gold Lincolnshire London
Antique Edwardian vintage sapphire and diamond ring having three sapphires with diamonds set in between all set in a 18ct yellow gold shank Circa 1910
Ring Size N
Ref: 145

146j2 Second hand Vitage 9ct Gold  Dress Ring
Second hand vintage 9ct gold dress ring Circa 1980
Ring Size P
Ref: 146



142j2 Vintage Second hand amethyst diamond ring 18ct white gold London Cambridge
Vintage second hand amethyst and diamond ring with 18ct white gold shank the oval fancy step cut amethyst claw set between trios of single cut diamonds in wire work setting
Circa 1980
Ring Size M
Ref: 142

144j2 Antique Edwardian pale sapphire 9ct Gold Ring Lincolnshire London
Antique Edwardian five stone pale sapphire 9ct gold ring having scroll work shank
Circa 1910
Ring Size L
Ref: 144



141j2 Antique Vintage ruby diamond 18ct yellow second hand ring Lincolnshire london
Antique vintage ruby and diamond cluster ring the tiered cluster with central ruby a boarder of single cut diamonds and edged with round mixed cut ruby's 18ct gold shank Circa 1970
Ring Size M
Ref: 141

143j2 Antique Vintage Edwardian sapphire Diamond 9ct yellow gold Ring Lincolnshire London
Antique vintage Edwardian diamond and sapphire ring with 9ct gold shank
Circa 1910
Ring Size L
Ref: 143



168j2 Vintage Pair Paste Clip on Earrings,
Vintage Pair Paste Clip on Earrings
Circa 1950
Our Ref 168
Length 2 1/2"

140j2 Antique Vintage emerald diamond edwardian yellow gold ring Lincolnshire London
Antique Edwardian vintage emerald and diamond ring in 18ct yellow gold shank
Circa 1910
Ring Size L
Ref: 140



174j2 Antique Edwardian Silver Watch Chain,
Antique Silver Pocket Watch Chain with graduated links and T Bar Circa 1930
Our Ref 174
Weight 40.4

138j2 Antique Vintage Second hand Diamond Cluster Ring 9ct Yellow gold Band Lincolnshire london
Vintage second hand diamond cluster ring having 9ct gold shank Circa 1980
Ring Size M
Ref: 138



133j2 Antique Edwardian Vintage Ruby Diamond Ring London Lincolnshire The Antique Shop
Antique Edwardian ring having three ruby's and two diamonds set in between on a 9ct yellow gold shank Circa 1910
Ring Size K
Ref: 133

134j2 Antique Sapphire Diamond Victorian Ring The Antique Shop Lincolnshire London
Antique Victorian sapphire and diamond ring with 18ct gold shank Circa 1900
Ring Size O
Ref: 134



180j2 Vintage Gold Diamond Ring,
Antique 9ct Gold Ring having 9ct yellow gold shank, with a white gold setting and shoulders with a small single diamond. Circa 1940
Ref 180
Ring Size M

103j2 Antique Vintage Secondhand Diamond Ring
Antique Vintage Yellow Gold Diamond Ring. This vintage second hand diamond impressive cocktail ring has approx 2ct of diamonds with a 14ct yellow gold shank.
Circa 1970
Ring Size P
Ref: 103



176j2 Antique Gold Muff Chain,
Antique Victorian 9ct Gold muff Chain having decorative links, having Dog Clip so you can attached Swivel / Fob Circa 1890
Our ref 176
Weight 31.7

127j2 Antique Edwardian Diamond Ring Yellow 18ct Gold
Antique Edwardian 5 stone diamond ring with graduated old cut diamonds having a 18ct yellow gold band Circa 1910
Ring Size N
Ref: 127



179j2 Vintage Silver Broad Bracelet,
Vintage Silver Broad Bracelet with engraved decoration one side and plain on the other with safety chain. Circa 1962
Our Ref 179
Weight 38.5
Width 1"

122j2 Second hand 9ct gol ring with sapphire diamond lincolnshire london
Second hand having three sapphires and diamond points between with a 9ct gold shank Circa 1970
Ring Size M
Ref: 122



111j2 Antique Vintage Edwardian Diamond Five Stone Gold Ring For Sale Lincolnshire
Antique Vintage Diamond Ring. This Antique Victorian 18ct gold five stone
diamond ring. Has five graduated diamonds
Circa 1898
Ring Size O
Ref: 111

120j2 Antique Vintage Diamond Sapphire Ring Gold Shank Lincolnshire London Norfolk Cambridgeshire
Antique vintage Edwardian sapphire and diamond ring. This ring having five mixed cut sapphires with old brilliant cut diamonds with scroll shoulders Circa 1910
Ring Size R
Ref: 120



178j2 Antique Gold Guard Chain, Muff Chain Necklace,
Vintage 9ct Gold Belcher Link Necklace Circa 1960
Our Ref 178
Weight 22.4 Length 13"

118j2 Vintage Rose Gold Muff Guard Chain 20th Century
Antique Muff Guard Gold Chain. This antique vintage 9carat gold muff / guard chain.
Circa 1900
Total Length 58 1/2"
Weight 33.8 gm
Ref: 118



167j2 Antique Silver Watch Chain,
Antique Silver Pocket Watch
Chain and swivel
Length 13"
Total Weight 48.7g
Our Ref 167

170j2 Antique Silver Bracelet,
Vintage Sterling Silver Engraved Bangle with Safety Chain, Circa 1960
Our Ref 170
Weight 44.2



166j2 Vintage Gold Necklace,
Vintage Gold Necklace with polished centre piece with two chain drops ending with two beads. 9ct Gold Circa 1960
Weight 35gms
Our Ref 166

177j2 Antique Gold Necklace,
Vintage 9ct Gold Long Rope Design Necklace Circa 1960
Our Ref 177
Weight 54.2
Length 14 3/4"



171j2 Antique Vintage, Diamond Ring,
Antique Vintage Single Diamond Ring Having a 18ct gold shank, Circa 1930
Our Ref 171
Size L

173j2 Vintage Silver Charm Bracelet, Bangle,
Vintage Silver Charm Bracelet with various charms Circa 1960
Our Ref 173
Weight 81.3



139j2 Antique Vintage sapphire diamond  18ct second hand ring The Antique Shop Lincolnshire london
Antique vintage sapphire and diamond cluster ring having central diamond surround by sapphires and cluster of diamonds mounted on a 18ct platinum shank Circa 1960
Ring Size R
Ref: 139

148j2 Vintage second hand ruby diamond ring 18ct white gold london cambridge norwich
A vintage ruby and diamond ring having three round cut ruby's surrounded by single cut diamonds set in 18ct white gold shank
Circa 1970
Ring Size P
Ref: 148



129j2 Antique Vintage Yellow Gold Second hand Seven stone 9ct sapphire ring
Vintage second hand 7 stone sapphire ring having 9ct gold shank Circa 1970
Ring Size K
Ref: 129

136j2 Antique Vintage 9ct Gold Buckle Ring Seconhand Lincolnshire London
Antique vintage 9ct yellow gold buckle ring Circa 1960
Ring Size O
Ref: 136



Antique Vintage Polished 18ct Gold broad bracelet with geometric links
Weight Approx 45.2 gms
Length 20cm Width 2.5 cm
Circa 1970
Ref: 101

126j2 Antique Vintage Second hand Ruby Diamond Ring 9ct Lincolnshire london cambridge
Antique vintage second hand ruby and diamond ring of flower design having 9ct gold shank Circa 1970
Ring Size J
Ref: 126



123j2 Antique Vintage Amethyst  Earrings Ear studs in 9ct white gold
Antique vintage round mixed cut amethyst earrings / ear studs in white gold setting
Circa 1960
Ref: 123

109j2 Secondhand Diamond Pale Sapphire Eternity Ring For Sale Lincolnshire
Vintage Second Hand Pale Sapphire Ring. This seconhand pale sapphire ring is set in a 9ct white gold band.
Circa 1980
Ring Size P
Ref: 109



104j2 Antique Diamond Ring For Sale Vintage Antique Rings
Antique Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring, This vintage diamond ring of tiered design with brilliant cut diamonds having larger diamond to the centre surrounded by smaller diamonds having 18ct white gold shank.
Circa 1950
Ring Size L
Ref: 104

Antique gold Vintage broad Bracelet having Textured links in 18ct Gold
Weight Approx 67gms
Length 19.5cm Width 2.5cm
Circa 1960
Ref: 102



108j2 Antique Vintage Cocktail Amethyst Stone Diamond Secondhand Large  Ring Lincolnshire
Antique Vintage Amethyst Diamond Ring. This vintage ring having a large oval amethyst stone surrounded by diamonds
with a 18ct shank
Circa 1960
Ring size T
Ref: 108

113j2 Antique White Gold Three Stone Diamond Rings Vintage For Sale
Vintage Diamond Ring. This Vintage three stone diamond ring with white gold band the diamond weight approx .9 carat.
Circa 1940
Ring Size P
Ref: 113



130j2 Antique Second hand Vintage sapphire diamond Ring 18ct yellow gold Lincolnshire Cambridge London
Antique vintage sapphire and diamond cluster with rectangular cut sapphires surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds having 18ct gold shank Circa 1960
Ring Size J 1/2
Ref: 130

114j2 Antique Vintage Gold Platium  Sholders Four Stone Diamond Ring For Sale
Vintage Diamond Ring, This four stone diamond ring set in 18ct white gold with 18carat yellow gold band. diamond weight approx .8 carat.
Circa 1950
Ring Size L
Ref: 114



116j2 Antique Vintage Albert Rose  Gold Watch Chain Necklace
Antique Albert Chain / Necklace. This antique vintage 9carat rose gold Albert watch chain with T bar can be used for necklace.
Circa 1900
Length 22 1/2"
Weight 39.4 gm
Ref: 116


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